The McGregor, Iowa area offers something for everyone: beautiful scenery and picnicking, cross country skiing, hiking, boating, antiquing, visiting historic sites, and more.

There are also events to attend while you’re in the area:

Experience the Great Outdoors!

Enjoy the area’s parks and natural areas which beautiful scenery, great picnicking and hiking opportunities. Spend time on the mighty Mississippi, fishing, boating or perhaps just enjoying one of the many beaches.

At Effigy Mounds National Monument the created burial and ceremonial structures created by the Effigy Moundbuilders. The structures are typically flat-topped or rounded cones, elongated ridges, and sometimes a variety of other forms, including effigies in the shape of animal forms.  At Effigy Mounds National Monument there are 195 known mounds – 31 of them effigies – amid 2,526 acres of forest, prairies, bluffs, wetlands, and 14 miles of hiking trails.

The river at McGregor is the Mississippi at it’s very best. An office and visitor’s center for the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge is located in McGregor. The town of McGregor is located in the middle of the refuge.

Pikes Peak State Park is a hiker’s delight. On its trails, hikers can explore beautiful wooded bluffs and valleys. Along the trails, hikers will see sheer walls of Decorah limestone, and fossil remains including brachiopods, gastropods and cephalopods. The trail goes past Bridal Veil Falls, a refreshing spring. The other trail leading to the Point Ann overlooks and the town of McGregor offers an invigorating hike with breathtaking views.

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